Airport Plan

The Western Sydney Airport – Airport Plan  (Airport Plan) outlines the approach to the design and development of Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport (the Airport).

The Airport Plan was originally prepared in 2016 to provide the authorisation for Stage 1 of the Airport (a single runway facility capable of handling up to 10 million passengers per year).

2020 variation

The Airport Plan was varied in July 2020 to authorise environmental mitigation and utility works in areas of Badgerys Creek and Oaky Creek that adjoin the Airport site. A small number of other minor and administrative changes were also made. 

2021 variation

A further variation to the Airport Plan was made in September 2021 to provide authorisation for the sections of the Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport rail line to be built on the Airport site.

Maps and figures

Figure 2 on page 15 shows the indicative Airport layout for Stage 1 and Figure 4 on page 19 shows the indicative Airport layout for the Long Term. The most recent versions of these diagrams can be viewed at

Figure 10 on page 37 depicts the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan (WSIP). Information on the current projects and funding of the WSIP can be found at

The updated maps and figures do not affect the content or intent of the Airport Plan as the authorising document for Stage 1 of the Airport.

The original Airport Plan and each variation are set out below:

  • Airport Plan, December 2016 PDF: 12.8 MB
  • Airport Plan, July 2020 update PDF 3.2 MB – the changes made to the December 2016 Airport Plan are shown at PDF: 2.9 MB
  • Airport Plan, September 2021 update PDF: 4.7 MB – the changes made to the July 2020 Airport Plan are shown at PDF: 4.8 MB