Airspace protection for Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport

Protecting airspace

Protecting immediate airspace around airports is essential to ensuring and maintaining a safe operating environment and to provide for future growth. Planning restrictions currently in place around the Western Sydney International (Nancy – Bird Walton) Airport site at Badgerys Creek have protected the area from encroaching development on the ground.

Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS)

The protected airspace is known as the Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS) and was declared on 19 October 2017 under the provisions of the Airports Act 1996 (Cth) and Airports (Protection of Airspace) Regulations 1996.

The OLS declaration balances the need to ensure a safe operating environment for aircraft with the community's need for clarity about development surrounding the airport. It is important to note that development may still be allowed within the OLS airspace. The purpose of the OLS is to ensure that development within the OLS area is examined for its impact on future aircraft operations and that it is properly taken into account.

More information

WSA Co is responsible for protecting Western Sydney International (Nancy – Bird Walton) Airport's airspace. If you have an airspace protection or development enquiry please email
You can also read more about how airspace protection works at other airports in Australia on the department's website.