Flight paths

Visit the new WSI airspace and flight path design Online Community Portal (www.WSIflightpaths.gov.au) to keep up-to-date on information about the WSI flight paths and engagement opportunities.

The process for developing the flight paths for Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport (WSI) is well underway and on track for the airport’s scheduled opening in 2026.

Designing flight paths for a new airport is a large, complex and technical task. The design of the new flight paths for WSI must balance competing needs from the community, environment, industry and users of the broader Greater Sydney airspace, while maintaining safety as the priority.

The preliminary flight paths for WSI will be assessed for their environmental impact under the Australian Government’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. A draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the preliminary flight paths will be released for public exhibition in the second half of 2023. The draft EIS will examine the noise, social and environmental impacts of the proposed flight paths and approvals will be subject to regulatory and community review and comment during the public exhibition period to guide the final flight path design.

In the lead up to the draft EIS being released, the preliminary flight paths are being designed and tested by an Expert Steering Group established by the Australian Government, which consists of technical experts and government agencies including the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and Airservices Australia. For more information about the role, structure and governance of the Expert Steering Group, read the Terms of Reference PDF: 386 KB.

The Forum On Western Sydney Airport (FOWSA) links the community and stakeholders with the Australian Government and the Western Sydney Airport Co Limited (WSA Co). The expert team developing the flight paths will regularly brief FOWSA about the project. FOWSA will ensure community and stakeholder views are heard in the development of flight paths. The Chair of FOWSA also attends Expert Steering Group meetings as an ex-officio member.

Find out more information and visit the WSI airspace and flight path design Online Community Portal www.wsiflightpaths.gov.au.

The Online Community Portal will continue to be updated, when the preliminary flight paths and draft EIS are released, to include:

  • The Overflight Aircraft Noise Tool, an online interactive map that will display the preliminary flight paths and their noise impacts. The community will be able to enter a street address and receive information about that address’ potential impacts from flight paths.
  • The draft EIS in a digital format will also be published during the exhibition period. This document will outline the technical details and environmental assessments that have been undertaken to help develop the preliminary flight paths.
  • A submissions portal will also be available for the community to provide formal feedback on the draft EIS
  • Educational and information resources will continue to be updated to provide easy to understand information on the flight path planning process.