Job opportunities

More jobs for Western Sydney

Western Sydney Airport will be a major source of jobs for people in the region.

The airport will support almost 28,000 direct and indirect jobs by 2031, five years after the airport opens in 2026. Jobs across a range of sectors, especially in construction, manufacturing and retail will be needed on site and around Western Sydney to support the project.

Find out more about the numbers and types of jobs to come in the construction and operations phases by reading Jobs for Western Sydney: Building Western Sydney's future PDF: 3042 KB .

The brochure summarises the jobs needs for the airport project and when different types of jobs will be needed in the project. It also outlines the types of skills that may be required and identifies opportunities for local businesses.

The Western Sydney Airport Labour Market Analysis PDF: 1120 KB provides technical information on job opportunities related to the airport's development.

WSA Co, the Government-owned company that is building the airport, will release more information on future job vacancies as it becomes available.