Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan

Improving traffic flow to improve the economy

The Australian and NSW governments are partnering to deliver a 10-year, $4.1 billion road investment program for Western Sydney.

The Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan is designed to capitalise on the economic benefits of the Western Sydney Airport as part of an integrated transport solution for the Western Sydney region.

Included in the program are the new Werrington Arterial Road, and upgrades to Bringelly Road, The Northern Road and the intersection of Ross Street and the Great Western Highway at Glenbrook. The new M12 Motorway running from the M7 in the east to The Northern Road in the west will provide access to the airport.

Detailed analysis in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) looked at traffic associated with the airport and found that these road upgrades will cater for traffic demand for at least a decade after the airport opens.

This investment in road infrastructure will support Western Sydney's growth, speeding up travel times and reducing the impact on traffic congestion. Less time spent in traffic means greater productivity and greater benefit to the economy.

See NSW Roads and Maritime Services' Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan website for more information.