European heritage

Keeping heritage for the future

Historically significant items have been identified so their heritage value can be protected.

In recognition of the important European heritage on the Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport site, the Environmental Impact Statement assessed ways to manage the airport's impact and conserve its heritage value. Specialist European heritage studies and site investigations have informed the assessment and, as a result, a European heritage management plan will be created.

Twenty European heritage items were recorded at the airport site, as well as a further 22 heritage items from the surrounding area. The identified heritage items will be removed and ongoing management will ensure the cultural heritage value of the site is respected.

As the project continues, further archaeological investigations, archival recording and an inventory of moveable items will be undertaken. The relocation of remains in known grave sites will take place and some structures may also be relocated. An oral history may also be prepared and the heritage value of the airport site would be considered through the airport design process.

For more detailed information, see the European heritage factsheet and Environmental Impact Statement.