Minimising the impacts on biodiversity

The Australian Government will undertake a range of measures designed to mitigate the impacts on biodiversity from the construction of Stage 1 of the Western Sydney Airport, including an around $200 million biodiversity offset package.

A majority of the airport site at Badgerys Creek consists of introduced grassland and cleared land with smaller areas of forest and grassy woodland. While the condition of native vegetation at the site is generally poor to moderate, there are pockets of valuable biodiversity that will either be preserved on site or protected as offsets in the Western Sydney region.

Construction of the airport will require the removal of approximately 1,200 hectares of vegetation. Around 360 hectares (approximately 30 per cent) of the area is native vegetation.

Threatened species found on the airport site will be relocated, if possible. The airport's design will seek to minimise bird and bat strikes and an environmental conservation zone along Badgerys Creek will be established to conserve riparian corridors and other features of high environmental value.

For more detailed information, see the Biodiversity factsheet, Environmental Impact Statement, and the Biodiversity Offset Delivery Plan.

Biodiversity Offset Delivery Plan

The Biodiversity Offset Delivery Plan outlines the biodiversity impacts of construction of Stage 1 of the Western Sydney Airport and the offset package designed to mitigate these impacts.

For more detailed information, see the Biodiversity Offset Delivery Plan page.