Business opportunities

Attracting the best the market has to offer

The Western Sydney Airport presents new business opportunities with a location central to Western Sydney's growth.

Both the department and Western Sydney Airport will seek private sector expertise in a number of different areas relating to design, construction, environment, and airspace design. Western Sydney Airport will be responsible for tenders relating to design and construction of the airport. More information on business opportunities with Western Sydney Airport is available on the company's website.

Industry Information Sessions have been held to provide information on future tendering opportunities. The sessions were information sessions only and attendance was not a requirement for participation in any subsequent procurement processes. Sessions were held by the department in June 2017 and WSA Co in December 2017.

  • Industry Information Session held by WSA Co in December 2017: Presentation
  • Industry Information Session held by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, June 2017: Presentation PDF: 1335 KB and Questions and Answers PDF: 404 KB .

Contracts executed

  • Project management and technical support services (AusTender reference number CN3478355), executed on 19 December 2017 with AECOM Australia Pty Ltd
  • Airspace design advisory services (AusTender reference number CN3443981), executed on 12 July 2017 with To70 Aviation.